The BMW M140i has become a stand-out model for owners that require no compromise performance and reliability, which is exactly what you get when you also opt for an XFORCE downpipe or cat-back exhaust system.

Designed and developed in Australia, the XFORCE BMW M140i downpipe and cat-back exhaust features high-flowing internals, is constructed from 304-grade stainless steel and benefit from TIG welding throughout, so you can be assured of a great looking product that will perform reliably time and time again.

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Our BMW M140i cat-back exhaust also benefits from a VAREX muffler with adjustable exhaust valve control. VAREX allows you to customise your high-performance straight-six-powered BMW’s exhaust tone and volume from the touch of a button on the supplied keyfobs, or via your smartphone when using our app (requires Smartbox option).

Smartbox opens up a whole new world of user-configurable options from geo-tagged exhaust valve opening, to customisable exhaust output based on engine speed, throttle position and rpm… and all with just a few simple taps within the app.

You can also personalise the look of your XFORCE exhaust with our range of optional exhaust tailpipe trim finishes; choose from carbon fibre, black, burnt blue and polished options.

The XFORCE F20 BMW M140i exhaust upgrade is the perfect solution for enthusiasts looking for a system that delivers when it comes to performance, sound and end user adjustability that you can rely on.